KAH Our Food

The meal ingredients are formulated by food scientists to provide a rich source of easily digestible protein, carbohydrates, and vitamins needed by an undernourished child’s body and mind. The food is also acceptable to the broad diversity of ethnic tastes and religious differences around the world. The food offers all 9 of the essential amino acids required for complete nutrition, something that can’t be said about other typical food relief sources such as rice or beans alone. It is also very simple to prepare, requiring only 6 cups of boiling water to make a complete meal.

We have two flavors – Latin Spice which is our domestic food; and Chicken Casserole our international food product. Both formulas are gluten free and vegan.

Our food consists of:

  • high-quality white rice
  • fortified, crushed soy – 52% protein
  • blend of dehydrated vegetables
  • 21 vitamins & minerals within the bold spice flavors

Each bag of our food contains six servings of the dehydrated food which when boiled will serve a family of six. It provides not just a meal – but better health. Additionally, our bags are specifically made to be three-ply for strength and they are made of a moisture-proof and odor-proof material to prevent spoilage and insect or rodent problems. Our food has a shelf life of at least three years.