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A Personal Message from Nancy May (one of the founders of A Heart Like His Foundation, Inc.):

Dear Friend,

Friday Kid’s Pak is near and dear to my heart. I was helping in a food pantry when a young mother and 2 small children arrived asking for food. The toddler was on mom’s hip and the 6-year-old girl had just been picked up from school and still wearing her school uniform. Since mom’s hands were full, I volunteered to carry the food out to her car. The mom was embarrassed at what I would discover. The trunk was opened, and it was obvious they were homeless and living out of that car. I asked the mom if she would share her story with me. Her story broke my heart. Looking at this young family, they hid their homelessness well. Passing them on the sidewalk or in a store – no one would have known about their struggles.

I saw the name of the school from the school uniform the little girl was wearing. It was unfair that she and her brother were hungry. I called the school to see if I could send home food in her backpack every week. The school agreed. The school was in a very nice neighborhood where you would not expect to find hungry children. I asked if there were other children in her same situation, because, I could afford to feed a couple more. The answer surprised me…44 more children just like her!

Friday Kid’s Pak was created to feed those 45 children every weekend during the school year.

Please help us feed more children – reach out and ask us how you can help change the world for hungry children.

Thank you in advance,
Nancy May